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October 2018 Archives

Moving forward after divorce: What next?

When your spouse asks you for a divorce, you find yourself unsure how to think about your life. All you ever planned for was a marriage. This was the life you imagined. If you're not going to have it, what are you supposed to do to move forward? What comes next?

Equitable distribution alternatives to the Majauskas formula

When you navigate your way through a New York divorce, determining how you and your one-time partner plan to split your shared assets is one of the most important matters to address. Aside from your shared home, pension benefits you or your spouse earned over the course of your marriage will also come into play.

Divorce rate falling with millennials

People often talk about the changes brought on by the next generation, some of which are very unexpected. One prime example comes from a recent study that found that the divorce rate in the United States, which jumped quickly as divorce became less taboo in the past few decades, has started to fall again. From 2008 to 2016, it dropped by a stunning 18 percent.

Does getting remarried impact a divided pension?

Your spouse worked for 30 years to build up a pension, and you were married for 15 years of that employment. When you got divorced, you got a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) saying that you got 50 percent of your spouse's pension for that 15 years. In total, it's about 25 percent of the entire pension.

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