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February 2019 Archives

Areas of negotiations present in a divorce

The divorce process for some individuals is easy. They already know who is getting what, and they don't have any children. Those cases are certainly simple, but they aren't common. For people who need to work out property division matters or handle child custody terms, the divorce process can be filled with compromise and negotiation. We know that you might need to find out what options you have for these matters, and we can help.

3 things to know about splitting a 401(k) during divorce

One of the most complex aspects of divorcing your spouse is determining how to split your assets. Dividing your bank accounts or possessions may be hard enough, but when it comes to a 401(k), the stakes get higher. This retirement asset may be the largest source of marital wealth. 

Preparation for divorce is imperative to reduce stress

One of the most important things you can do when you are divorcing is prepare for what is to come. If you are the one who is filing the petition, you can make sure that you are prepared before you head to the courthouse to file. If your ex is filing, you can try to find out what's going to happen once you know that they filed. For most people, divorce isn't an unexpected event. Many people have a feeling that the marriage is heading toward its final days. We are here to help you find out what you can do to be prepared for the divorce proceedings.

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