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March 2019 Archives

Methods of pension division in New York

The law in New York requires that people who are married divide any pensions that were earned during the marriage. This can be a complex undertaking because of the nature of these assets. It is important to remember that just like other assets, the division of pensions here is done based on what is equitable, not what is equal.

Divorce strategies require careful consideration

When people get married, they are doing so under the assumption that it will last forever. This is why many decide not to set up a prenuptial agreement. Unfortunately, not having one can sometimes lead to a very difficult and contentious divorce. If there is one in place, then the terms of it are used to let everyone know how to divide the assets.

Practical and emotional decisions come with divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage is often taxing. You have to think about emotional and practical matters so that you can decide what you are going to do. Oftentimes, people think about this for a while before they take the step of filing for divorce. We can help you find out what you need to think about as part of your divorce.

Property division might not always be easy during divorce

Splitting up the property that was accumulated during a marriage is a challenge in some divorces. This is because both parties might have specific things they are attached to that they don't want to let go. When both are attached to the same property, there can be a fight over who gets to keep it. But there is much more to property division than just trying to get the items you want.

5 tips for rebuilding your life after your marriage ends

When you are going through a divorce, you might find that you start to fall into the mode of thinking that things are always going wrong. You have to try to find ways to make things work and still remain positive. The fact is that moving on after a divorce can be challenging. Having a plan when you are in this position can help you tremendously.

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