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Compassionate And Sensible Representation In Estate Law Matters

Whether you need to create an estate plan or resolve a disputed matter with a loved one’s estate, Michael G. Putter, Attorney at Law, is the firm to call. I’m firm founder Michael Putter, and I have more than 40 years of experience in estate planning and litigation.

As an attorney who also practices family law, I am very aware of and sensitive to the way that family dynamics can influence legal decisions and vice versa. As such, I am well suited to help you create an estate plan designed to honor your wishes and prevent family strife. I am also adept at resolving family conflicts related to will contests and other estate disputes.

Create A Customized Estate Plan That Secures Your Legacy

It’s important to make and communicate decisions about what becomes of your assets when you pass away. But estate planning can also be used to protect yourself and those you love during the often-difficult final years of life. A typical estate plan in New York includes:

  • A last will and testament
  • A named estate executor (or personal representative)
  • One or more trusts
  • A living will and health care proxy
  • Designated power of attorney in case you become incapacitated

You can also include specific instructions in your estate plan for your wishes regarding funeral arrangements and disposition of your remains (burial versus cremation).

You don’t need to know ahead of time which documents you’ll need. I can help you make these determinations based on the details we discuss during your initial consultation.

Decisive Representation In Litigated Estate Disputes

The death of a loved one can bring out the best in families, but it can also expose old hurts, resentments and mistrust. Unfortunately, disputes over a will or another aspect of an estate can sometimes lead to lengthy, expensive and divisive court battles. If litigation isn’t resolved quickly, it can deplete the very estate assets at issue.

If you find yourself involved in a serious dispute with other heirs or beneficiaries to a loved one’s estate, contact my firm for experienced representation. I will work tirelessly to resolve the matter as efficiently and peacefully as possible.

Discuss Your Legal Needs During An Initial Consultation

With an office in Rome, New York, Michael G. Putter, Attorney at Law, serves clients throughout the Mohawk Valley. To discuss your estate law needs with an attorney who listens and cares, contact me to schedule an initial consultation. You can reach out online or call 315-337-8800.