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Most people filing for divorce have a fear of the unknown. With more than 40 years of experience, Michael G. Putter can help you understand what to do next.

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Michael G. Putter, Attorney at Law, In Rome, New York, Has Been Helping Clients Prepare QDROs For Over 40 Years

After the family house, pensions are typically the next biggest asset to be divided in a divorce. A Qualified Domestic Relation Order (QDRO) is an order used to transfer an interest in a pension. We prepare orders dividing pensions for our clients both at the time of the divorce and years after the fact.

Contact us online or call 315-371-1862 or 866-915-4085 to learn more about QDROs and how we can help you with the division of your pension both during or after a divorce. We represent clients throughout the Mohawk Valley including the counties of Herkimer, Lewis, Madison and Oneida.

Types of Pensions

At our firm, we represent both the payor and alternate payees in Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDRO) actions for all types of pensions including those with defined contributions such as 401k retirement accounts as well as those with defined benefits where a person receives an average of a certain amount determined by set formula.

Timing of Division

We can help either side of a QDRO matter at the time of the divorce or even years after the fact. Whatever the timing we seek to do the following:

  • Prepare the order correctly the first time so that it is clear how the pension will be divided, ultimately saving both parties a lot of time, energy and money.
  • If we represent the participant spouse who has the pension, we can help protect that person from having to include a lot of extras.
  • If representing the person seeking a portion of the pension, we work to maximize what that person receives.

Hire a Highly Regarded Attorney

Michael G. Putter, Attorney at Law is highly regarded in his ability to assist clients with Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. Many other firms refer clients to him for this portion of their divorce. Contact us online or call 315-371-1862 or 866-915-4085 to speak with an experienced lawyer.

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