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Request alimony from your former spouse

by | Jan 8, 2017 | Spousal Support

Divorce is never easy. And while some couples are able to remain amicable throughout the process, there will be others who find themselves engaged in heated disputes. The discussion of divorce legal matters can make anyone angry, especially when the couple doesn’t agree. One point of contention is often alimony, who deserves it and how much they should receive.

The following are questions to ask when you are considering requesting alimony:

  • Do you have the potential to earn more money?
  • Is there anything preventing you from finding employment?
  • Can you maintain the same standard of living as you did when married?
  • Was your career put on hold during the marriage so you could support your spouse’s career?

Just because you have requested to receive alimony doesn’t mean it will be awarded to you. You may believe you deserve it, but if the courts feel otherwise, your request will be denied. Depending on what is found when the courts examine specific factors, such as standard of living, physical condition and length of marriage, your ex may, in fact, be ordered to make monthly alimony payments.

Alimony is not always granted in a divorce. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your chances and request to receive it. With the assistance of an attorney, you may be able to prove to the courts that spousal support is necessary and get the money you need to survive. If you are getting divorced, Michael G. Putter, Attorney at Law may be able to assist with your case.