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Information that is included in a divorce decree

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Divorce

One of the hardest parts about getting divorced is having to discuss all of the divorce-related topics with your soon-to-be former spouse. If both parties remain amicable, things can be resolved in a timely manner with less stress. Should both parties choose to argue and dispute, things could be dragged on for longer than necessary. Regardless of how things play out, with spouses agreeing or the courts making the final decision, the divorce decree is where they will find everything in writing.

The following information is what is included in a divorce decree:

  • Which spouse pays alimony, how much and when.
  • Which parent pays child support, how much and when.
  • How property and debts are to be divided between spouses.
  • Which parent has custody of the children, as well as a visitation schedule.

Should a couple agree on the terms of their divorce, a judge must first review and approve their settlement agreement. If the judge disagrees with the terms, both parties will have to continue to negotiate. Only after the judge has approved the settlement agreement will there be a divorce decree laying out the terms of the divorce and the ruling that it has been finalized.

The divorce process is not something people look forward to. They may want the divorce to be granted as soon as possible, but discussing things like alimony, property division and child custody can be stressful. Despite the stress that people experience, it is possible for both parties to resolve matters calmly and rationally, and get the divorce finalized in a timely manner. An attorney can assist you with all divorce-related matters and stand by your side during the process.