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Divorce battle of skin care mogul involves $500K ring

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Divorce

The divorce battle of skin care mogul Peter Thomas Roth has taken an interesting turn as his mother has sued his wife for the return of her $500,000 ring. The skin care company, which bears his name, sells “cloud cream” for $52 and “eyelid lift serum” for $85.

The couple has been separated, but living together in the Upper East Side of New York for quite some time now, but is in a precarious situation. Roth’s mother has sued his wife for the return of her ring she claims the wife took from her.

The couple wed back in 1996 and the bride wore earnings and the ring that belonged to his mother during the ceremony. The bride held onto the ring all this time and has yet to return either item. The bride then left Roth and the children to be with someone else in Queens. This is according to a lawsuit filed by Roth’s mother in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The wife claims that the lawsuit filed by Roth’s mother is just a ploy in the already massive, $175 million divorce case already filed with the courts. Roth’s wife claims he has been hiding cash for almost five years in the event of a divorce.

Roth’s wife claims she was duped into tax fraud by Roth. She claims that Roth convinced her to put all of the couple’s joint assets into irrevocable trusts. These assets include the couple’s company and properties in Manhattan, Connecticut and Water Mill, Long Island.

In court documents filed by Roth’s wife, the assets were “grossly undervalued so that they could be gifted [to] the Roths’ children without paying gift tax.” She also claims that she was convinced by her husband to include her separate assets in the trusts, while his separate assets were left out of them.

Roth claims that he has no part in his mother suing his wife for the ring.

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