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Signs that divorce is imminent in New York

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Divorce

Divorce is never a word married couples want to utter, but there comes a time where it is necessary. Gone are the days where divorce was a stigma, which is why so many couples are seeing their marriages end in divorce nowadays. Here are some common signs that show divorce is imminent in New York.

One of the most common signs that divorce is imminent is that you have stopped sharing information with your spouse. This can be as simple as everyday things or as significant as discussions about money, the children, feelings and more. Many spouses realize divorce is imminent when they receive big news in life, such as a promotion, and tell everyone but their spouse first.

If there are children involved, they could send up signals that it is time for a divorce. If a child ever approaches you about getting divorce from their other parent, this is a big sign that it is imminent. This means your child knows and understand you and your spouse are not happy or are not getting along.

If you find yourself dreading going to weddings, or even crying at them (not in the good way), then divorce could be imminent for you and your spouse. Being upset or dreading going to weddings should set off flares that there is a problem in your marriage that might not be fixable.

Lying to family members that the marriage is strong is another common sign that divorce is imminent. When you have to lie to others who see there are issues, divorce is likely in your future.

If you think about the future and don’t see your spouse in it, then divorce is very imminent. Removing your spouse from thoughts of the future shows you don’t believe the marriage will last through the rough times.

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