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Understanding insurance and divorce

by | May 3, 2017 | Blog

While you are splitting your home, assets, time with your children and even your friends, one thing that is often forgotten is the necessity of changing insurance plans during the divorce. From auto insurance to life insurance plans, divorced couples must make several changes when the marriage ends.

Insurance can be included in a divorce settlement, but the issue must be discussed and included during negotiations. Learn more about insurance types that need to be considered.

Health insurance

It is common for one spouse to rely on another for health insurance, particularly if he or she gets it through an employer. Once the divorce is final, the spouse is no longer required to provide health insurance, and you may find yourself without a way to pay for medical care. If you choose not to include health insurance in your divorce settlement, you may be able to purchase a COBRA plan for a short period of time from your ex-spouse’s employer.

Auto insurance

Once the cars have been divvied up, it is time for you each to buy your own policies. Call your insurance agent during divorce proceedings to determine the best way to handle the process. You may want to shop around and get better quotes now that you are on your own policy. If you have teen drivers, be sure to include details about who pays for their insurance in your settlement.

Life insurance

If you need money to raise children in the case of your ex dying, it may be a good idea to take out a separate policy with you as the beneficiary and require it in the divorce agreement. At the same time, you should look at your life insurance policies and remove your ex as the beneficiary on those that are not necessary.

Ask for help

Splitting up a life is difficult to do, and you may need an advocate in your corner to help you stay protected in all ways during the divorce process. We encourage you to speak to an attorney immediately about any changes to your insurance policies you face during the divorce.