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How to prepare for a child support hearing

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Divorce

Child support is an emotional topic for thousands of people across New York. It can be a combative issue for many people as well. Child support hearings are important in determining how much child support will be paid, by whom, and how often. They will also determine how long the support will last.

When you prepare for a child support hearing you must be as honest as possible. Do not try to manipulate any of the information you supply to the court. Your misinformation will be discovered and it will be used against you when determining the outcome of the case. Report all of your income, even income that is under-the-table. Honesty must be shown on forms you complete and when testifying in court.

The only goal of holding a child support hearing is to determine the amount of support to be paid. This is the only topic that should be discussed with the judge. Veering off topic will only be a detriment to your case. The judge presiding over this hearing cannot change the child custody order or the visitation arrangements.

Make sure you arrive ahead of time for your hearing. Arriving at the exact time it’s scheduled will make you look bad. Also, don’t fail to show up to the hearing. This will surely get you in a predicament with the court. Not showing up for the hearing could have a negative impact on the amount of child support you will receive.

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