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3 reasons delaying your divorce makes it more complicated

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to get divorced and have already talked about it, many experts advise that you do it quickly. Don’t put it off, don’t drag your feet and don’t delay. Just end the relationship.

The problem is that delays can cause complications. Divorce is already hard, and more complications can make it more difficult — both emotionally and financially. Below are three reasons why:

  1. Family members and friends start to weigh in. They have all sorts of opinions, which may not reflect your own. For instance, you may agree to your spouse’s original parenting plan proposal, but then a friend who doesn’t like your spouse convinces you to fight for some changes. This mires the whole process down when you would have been happy initially.
  2. You and your spouse grow apart. This can make it harder to cooperate. It you spend months or even more than a year living apart and still not getting divorced, you’re creating your own separate lives without each other. When you still have to cooperate regarding assets, the kids and everything else, it’s hard.
  3. You start new relationships. Maybe you thought you could work through the emotional pain of losing your spouse. You were both alone, after all. If your spouse starts dating again before you’re officially divorced, is it going to be as easy to get through it while watching your spouse with a new boyfriend or girlfriend?

Skip the complications and the extra heartache. Don’t make the process more complicated than it has to be. Just focus on quickly learning about your rights and the legal steps you need to take.

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