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Long-distance parenting: working out the details

by | Dec 2, 2017 | Child Custody

There are always challenges to co-parenting after you and your ex-spouse have split up. When one of you moves away, it can be even more difficult to coordinate visits with the children. Additionally, if your children live with you most of the time, you may feel overwhelmed and unsupported when your ex is no longer able to see the kids as much. This frustration is nothing new to you and other New York residents.

When one parent moves away, both parents must make sacrifices and cooperate with each other for the benefit of the children. Fortunately, it is possible for your children’s other parent to maintain a good relationship with them, despite not living close.

Arranging visitation

One of the first items to be addressed after your ex has moved is the visitation arrangement. Obviously, if the move was to a city more than an hour or two away or to another state, your children will not likely be able to visit once a week, but quality time with the non-residential parent is still important. The children might be able to visit for a longer period, such as a few weeks during summer vacation or part of winter break. It may help to encourage monthly visits, even if the visits are brief. When it is not possible for the kids and your ex to see each other, they might want to keep in touch with Skype or Facetime instead.

Travel and expenses

As you might expect, traveling time and expenses can add up. You and your ex may want to come up with a plan to keep expenses and travel time to a minimum. You might agree beforehand on how to split the gas bill or the cost of plane tickets. It could be a good idea to meet halfway if your ex lives within driving distance.

Coordinating visitation when your ex lives far away will take some creativity and teamwork, but it is well worth it when your children can have a good relationship with both of you.