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3 ways to make divorce immensely easier on the kids

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Blog

Divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. The reason for this is that a breakup of any kind leads to a disruption in a person’s normal activities. The status quo is no longer there, and it is important for spouses to understand that they will get through this time all right. 

With divorce being so tough on adults, it is understandably more stressful for children. You are not going to be able to prevent stress and heartache completely, but you can make the transition to this new lifestyle easier on any children you share with your ex. 

1. Keep things the same as much as you can

You can help your kids maintain a sense of familiarity by not disrupting their everyday activities too much. Keep the children in the same schools and allow them to continue doing any extracurricular activities they enjoy. If you are able to, avoid taking the kids out of school to go to the divorce hearing. You will not be able to avoid all changes, but you can make this new thing less frightening. 

2. Do not fight in front of kids

You never want children to assume the divorce is their fault. You also want to protect kids from the impact of divorce by avoiding arguments in front of them. You want your kids to be able to maintain good relationships when they are adults. By showing how you and your spouse can amicably resolve differences, you show your kids it is possible to maturely handle a breakup. 

3. Let kids express emotions

If your children feel sad, then let them cry. If they are angry, then allow them to vent a little bit. These emotions are perfectly healthy, and you do not want your kids to keep them inside. You should even encourage your kids to express themselves by asking them questions regularly and seeing how they feel about the process every step of the way.