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Could your social media use land you in divorce court?

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Divorce

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), their 2010 members’ survey indicates that over 80 percent of the attorneys have had cases where a spouse’s social media posts were used as evidence in a divorce.

In fact, family law attorneys offer these examples of how clients’ marriages suffer from social media postings:

  • Spouses lie about with whom they maintain online contact. Reconnecting with old school friends doesn’t have to spell doom to your marriage — but not being honest about it can.
  • Allowing screentime to interfere with face-time with your spouse. When you get married, your spouse should be your main source of emotional support and connection. If Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are getting in the way of romance or communication with your spouse, your marriage can definitely take the hit.
  • Letting connections with past love interests spark an affair. It’s easy to don the rose-colored shades and reflect fondly on old memories from high school or college with a first love. While there is nothing wrong with reminiscing, if it leads to secret contact with a past paramour, your marriage can suffer irreparable harm.
  • Oversharing information online. It serves no useful purpose to share intimate details from your marriage with your social media circle. It can only erode the trust of your spouse and place your marriage in jeopardy.

One high-profile marriage that allegedly was adversely affected by social media postings is Vanessa and Donald Trump, Jr.’s. Vanessa Trump, who recently filed for divorce, reportedly was distressed by her husband’s tendency to post controversial tweets on Twitter, among other marital issues.

If you know or suspect that your spouse’s social media usage may cross marital boundaries, think before taking any action. You definitely want to do your legal homework before filing for a divorce.

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