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How to divide a collection when getting divorced

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Property And Asset Division

Have you accumulated a lot of stuff in life? It seems like everyone has at one point or another. Some of that stuff might be more important to you than some of your other possessions.

For example, maybe you have a baseball card collection or a collection of signed playbills. This is a collection you likely won’t want to part with anytime soon. If your marriage is on the rocks, you may need to think about how to handle collectibles when getting divorced in New York.

Having to even consider separating your collectibles can be painful when getting a divorce. You might not have to do so if you have other assets you can give to your spouse in place of the collection. You should always be prepared for the possibility that you might have to part with some of your collection when getting a divorce in the Oneida area.

You should try to offer some other kind of asset to your spouse in place of your collectibles. If your spouse knows the value of those items and wants them so he or she can sell them, this could turn the divorce into a contested one where the court will need to get involved.

If you cannot avoid dividing your collection in a divorce, you will likely have to split it right down the middle. This is better than having to give your spouse the entire collection, leaving with you with nothing after going through so much to build it in the first place.

Going through a divorce can be very painful. You will likely worry about what you can keep and what you will have to give to your spouse. Remember that physical assets are less important than the freedom and happiness that can come after your divorce.