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Becoming a workaholic can lead to divorce

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Divorce

In modern American culture, people often think it is healthy and even commendable to become a workaholic. Putting in extra hours is seen as dedication. People brag about how much they work and how much they’re getting done.

While there is nothing wrong with being passionate about your job and putting in extra effort, you should know that this mindset can lead to divorce. After all, a marriage takes time and effort, as well. If you neglect your marriage in favor of your job, it is going to suffer. You only have 24 hours in every day. Spending the majority of them at the office takes you away from other parts of your life.

Some people become workaholics without even realizing it. It’s so common and accepted. A few warning signs to watch out for include:

  • Prioritizing work over everything else in your life
  • Working even when you have no need to earn more money
  • Missing out on important events, like a child’s birthday or an anniversary dinner
  • Feeling stressed when you can’t work, such as when you’re on vacation
  • Working even if you get sick
  • Bringing things home from the office to work on in the evenings
  • Giving up hobbies and other activities that you used to love
  • Having your spouse or children tell you that they do not like how much time you spend at work

If your work habits have already taken a toll — or if your spouse is the one who works too much — and you are heading for divorce, make sure you know what legal steps to take.