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Divorce rate falling with millennials

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Divorce

People often talk about the changes brought on by the next generation, some of which are very unexpected. One prime example comes from a recent study that found that the divorce rate in the United States, which jumped quickly as divorce became less taboo in the past few decades, has started to fall again. From 2008 to 2016, it dropped by a stunning 18 percent.

A professor who did the study specifically compared millennials today who are 35 years old to people who were 35 years old in 2008 and part of Generation X. He found that the millennials were more likely to stay married for at least five years. The odds of divorce overall have dropped.

Why has this happened? One reason that reports cite is how millennials get married later than those in Generation X or other previous generations. This may mean that they are more grounded and mature when they finally do marry, making those marriages more stable than they would have been in the past when people tended to rush into marriage at a young age.

It is also worth noting that the percentage of children who are born when their parents have not actually gotten married has just been going up in recent years. This suggests that millennials are simply not getting married before doing things like living together and having children. This can also decrease the divorce rate because those people, even if they break up, would not technically get divorced.

Even with the falling rates, divorce is still common, and couples at any age need to know all their legal rights.