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Areas of negotiations present in a divorce

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Divorce

The divorce process for some individuals is easy. They already know who is getting what, and they don’t have any children. Those cases are certainly simple, but they aren’t common. For people who need to work out property division matters or handle child custody terms, the divorce process can be filled with compromise and negotiation. We know that you might need to find out what options you have for these matters, and we can help.

When it comes to property division, some assets are easy to work through. These are the ones that have a clear value, such as the marital home or vehicles. Other assets, such as retirement accounts, have special considerations. If you have assets that might be more complex, you should work with someone who is familiar with those matters. We can help you with the asset division aspect of your divorce, especially if you have pensions or other special assets.

The child custody aspect of the divorce can also lead to some very tense negotiations. One thing to remember when you are going through this is that your children have to be the focal point. Your ex will likely still be a part of your children’s lives, so you should decide that you will do what you can to encourage that relationship.

We understand that this is an emotionally charged time in your life. You can count on us to represent your interests throughout the case. We will try to find creative options to resolve the matters that are proving to be difficult as you go through the negotiations to end your marriage.