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Logical thinking is your friend during property division

by | May 10, 2019 | Property And Asset Division

One of the important things that you will have to do if you divorce is to determine who is going to keep which assets, but you can’t forget about the marital debts. All of these must be split up in the property division process. It is imperative that you go into this process with a clear head and an idea of what you are going to fight for. We realize that this isn’t going to be easy, but we are here to help you evaluate the options that you have.

One mistake that some people make in this situation is that they allow their emotional tie to the assets to dictate their decisions. This isn’t ever a good idea because it can leave you laden with assets that are going to cost you money and that won’t benefit your future. The only way that you can combat this is to try to think logically.

When you are trying to decide what you need to do about an asset, think about what keeping it will cost you and how it can help you. Owning two homes might seem nice in theory; however, you will have two sets of bills to pay. If you rent out a home, that might help you cover the cost, but it could also be a liability if something happens and a tenant destroys the property, or there are massive repairs needed.

It might help you to make a list of the assets that need to be split and decide which ones are worth fighting for. You can place your focus on those and not the ones that don’t really benefit you. We are here to help you develop a plan to follow.