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Follow these tips during a divorce with a narcissist

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Divorce

Going through a divorce is a troublesome experience, but it is even worse when you are going through it with a narcissist. The manipulative ways of a narcissist make dealing with them very difficult. You have to learn how to disengage with the situation so that you can move forward with the divorce. There are many strategies that can help you, but you have to determine which is the best option for your situation.

One factor that you have to consider is that your ex is going to try to “win” in every aspect of the divorce. Anything that they think you want, they are going to fight to keep from you. They might use manipulation or threats to do this. Unfortunately, this can be mentally draining for you. When they start to try to fight, stick to the facts, and don’t let them pull your feelings in.

Another thing to remember is that they are going to try to play games to keep you off balance. They might try to convince others that you are the one who is crazy and that you are the person who caused the divorce. A narcissist won’t accept that their own behavior led to the divorce.

Many narcissists will try to use the divorce to feel powerful. The longer they can draw out the battle, the better they will feel. They don’t have any emotional connection to what’s going on, so they will focus on how much of a negative impact they can have on you. They want to wear you down, so they can have what they want.

When you are divorcing a narcissist, you have to choose your battles carefully. Let them have their way in the matters that you don’t feel strongly about so that you can be done with them as quickly as possible. Just be prepared to have to go through a court battle because it is likely going to happen if you don’t give in to every demand.