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Balance property division terms and your emotional health

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Property And Asset Division

Trying to figure out how to divide things in a divorce can be challenging. This is definitely the case when you are cutting ties from someone who is controlling. For some people, the reality of their life is that they have been limited in earning and opportunity for the duration of the marriage. Their soon-to-be ex is now using that to try to limit what they can walk away with during the divorce.

One thing that you can remember in these cases is that you have to protect your emotional health, even if that means that you aren’t going to get the settlement that you want. A study that was done by an Indiana State University psychologist found that women typically have a more favorable perception of divorce than men. He notes that this is even the case if a man’s standard of living rises by 10 percent in the year after the divorce while the woman’s decreases by 27 percent.

The lesson here is that property division is important because it can set up the financial foundation for you in the coming years, but you have to do what you feel is right for your needs. Many divorces also have child custody and support matters to work through. These shouldn’t depend on the property division, but they are just as important.

Take the time to review all the options you have before you when you are going through a divorce. Don’t allow your ex to dictate what you walk away with, but think about how dragging the matter on might impact your emotional health.