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Why paying spousal support may make your life easier

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Spousal Support

Paying money to your ex-wife may be the last thing you wish to consider when getting a divorce. However, it may make your life more comfortable in the long run.

Put yourself in your wife’s shoes for a minute. She has to go out into the world and stand on her own two feet financially, having given up her career to support you and the kids. She is probably frightened and worried about how she will cope. Going back into the world of work after a long break is not easy.

You could go to court and spend time, money and emotional energy fighting with each other about finances. Or you could take a more dignified approach to your divorce. Consider why paying spousal support may be a good thing to do, why it may be the honorable thing to do.

If you agree to pay spousal support to your ex-wife, you could alleviate a bit of the stress she is feeling. By doing so, you could alleviate some of the friction in your divorce. By helping your ex-wife get back on her feet again, she can become self-supporting sooner. Helping her to move on with her life, frees you to move on with your life, too.

There are many ways to get divorced. Some leave pain and bitterness for years. Some allow the healing to take place sooner. While some attorneys love a good fight, taking a calm, mature approach to negotiating your divorce can save you stress, time and money.