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How therapy could make divorce easier for your whole family

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Divorce

In the eyes of most people, counseling is probably something that takes place before a divorce. Specifically, people will think of couples therapy as a tool that may have failed if you file for divorce. However, therapy or counseling during a divorce isn’t just about preserving the marriage.

Getting adequate mental health support can make it easier for you to adjust to the realities of your divorce. If you have children, psychological support can also prove invaluable for them as they adjust to their new normal. There are a variety of potential therapy systems that could benefit your family during and after a divorce.

Individual therapy can benefit spouses and children alike

One of the most valuable things about therapy or counseling is the way they help someone process their feelings and make sense of their current life situation. Therapy gives people a safe and confidential space in which they can talk about their feelings and reconcile their emotions with the reality of their current family situation.

Going to counseling can help you work through your grief, anger and other emotions. Individual therapy can also benefit children who may not know how to express their feelings or adjust to the changes taking place in their family.

While you are no longer a couple, joint therapy could help as well

If you and your ex share children, co-parenting therapy might help you fix your relationship as you move into a new stage of life together. You will not be able to just ignore one another, as you will have to exchange custody and see each other at major events like birthday parties and graduations.

A co-parenting therapist can help you reconcile your parenting preferences, develop healthier forms of communication and otherwise become more effective parents even if your romantic relationship did not work out in the long run.

Family therapy can help clear the air during stressful times

While individual or parents-only therapy can be beneficial in shared custody scenarios, sometimes the best option is for everyone to sit down together. Therapists can facilitate the honest and safe communication of strong, negative emotions. They can also help the whole family accept one another and support each other during a time that is difficult for each individual family member.