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Keeping transportation of children neutral after a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Child Custody

There are few situations more difficult in life than a divorce involving minor children. Child custody and visitation are often the worst sticking points in hammering out a settlement. Parents in New York should always respect the schedules that they’ve arrived at during negotiations. Here are some simple ways to keep things civil when dropping the kids off with their other parent.

Keep it neutral

One of the best ways to ensure that visitations go smoothly is to plan them carefully. It’s a good idea to transport the children to a neutral location and meet the other parent there. This way, no one feels like they’re on someone else’s turf. A public place like a casual restaurant or a park are examples of neutral locations where this can be done. In some communities, police station parking lots can be used for this purpose, too.

Ideally, the transportation will be outlined in the child custody agreement. This way, there’s no chance of miscommunication about who is responsible for transportation. Confusion about who’s supposed to be dropping off or picking up can escalate into hurt feelings quickly. Putting this down in a written plan beforehand is a great way to avoid petty disputes.

In cases where parents live far apart, the type of transportation needs to be specified clearly along with who will handle the expense. Air or public transit can be good options, but all of this should be discussed well before it’s time to book the trips.

Finding help in child custody cases

An experienced family law attorney may be well-versed in these common child custody and visitation issues to help parents work out agreements. Getting solid advice from a professional may be key in preventing disputes and escalations.