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Why a psychologist may help with a child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | Child Custody

Going through a divorce can be an inconvenient process at best or a downright nightmare at worst. When the latter occurs, it is often due to two people not coming to terms with their negotiations. This is especially true for parents in New York seeking to obtain custody of their child. When all talks have failed and even the courts cannot decide, a judge may appoint a psychologist to the case. Understandably, many people are not aware of this step. The following includes information on this part of the custody process and the role a psychologist plays in the final decision.

What’s best for the child

A judge will seek the services of a psychologist to help everyone come to an agreement on the custody of the child involved. The role of a psychologist in custody disputes is to better understand the feelings of the child and the parents’ circumstances and thus reach an agreement of which parent should hold custody. This is done because the law requires that decisions are made based on what is in the child’s best interest.

Parental investigation

Although a psychologist is usually called to speak to a child and find out what they want, they may also play a role in researching any allegations against a parent. For example, if one spouse states that the other parent isn’t mentally fit to take custody of the child, a psychologist may be appointed. They will conduct a variety of interviews with each parent and present their facts to the courts, at which point the judge may rule in favor of one of the parents.

Although a psychologist can help clarify the wants of the child and any issues with the parents involved, they aren’t the only professionals who help resolve custody cases. Bringing in an attorney experienced in child custody hearings is also highly recommended.