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Learning the ins and outs of spousal support payments

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Blog, Spousal Support

Going through a divorce in New York can be difficult, and what’s even more confusing is trying to figure out the role of spousal support payments. This type of financial support is often a cornerstone of divorce, making it important to at least learn the basics.

Introduction to alimony

The simplest definition of alimony is that it is money one spouse pays to the other during and after a divorce. This can continue on for as long as the judge sees fit. Sometimes, the divorce documents are written so that spousal support is provided until the receiving spouse remarries. In other cases, it can be an indefinite amount of time.

Another thing to consider is who qualifies to receive alimony. A textbook alimony case is one where the marriage has lasted a significant period of time and one spouse has been unable to work. Perhaps they were a stay-at-home parent or were otherwise in charge of tending to the home. This spouse will have a harder time joining the workforce and supporting themselves after the divorce, so they are more likely to be approved for alimony.


The amount of the alimony payments will be set by the judge and will likely be based on a number of factors, including individual finances of both parties, the type of lifestyle while married and how long the parties were married. Once an amount is set, it is unlikely to change without going back to court.

It’s important to note that alimony may be ordered while the receiving spouse is attending school in order to get a job that will support a similar lifestyle to what they had prior to the divorce. Once they can rejoin the workforce, alimony payments may stop.

Legal representation

Clearly, there are many facets to alimony. It doesn’t have to be a complicated situation, however, and it can often be worked out with a good amount of respect and civility. A divorcing individual who is concerned about spousal support may begin by contacting a local lawyer for further details.