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Making a co-parenting plan work

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Blog, Child Custody

New York residents who co-parent know that it is not as simple as it sounds. With emotions running high and communication not always up to par, there are plenty of opportunities for pitfalls. However, there are ways to make co-parenting plans involving child custody and visitation work.

Redefine the relationship with your ex

You do not have to like each other, but you need to learn to cooperate. If you find that doing so is better via email, consider this medium your communication tool of choice. Allow your ex the opportunity to choose his or her optimal method of communicating too.

Redefine the relationship with your child

It is no longer possible to experience all the “firsts” of child-rearing. Besides that, you will miss some performances, special events, as well as sporting victories and losses. Therefore, consider ways to redefine your relationship with your child. Flexibility when it comes to creating child custody and visitation schedules is necessary.

Make some room for change

While it is true that children thrive on routine, co-parenting calls for flexibility. If your ex cannot make it in time to pick up junior from baseball camp, pitch in and pick him or her up and then drop him or her off. Do not make a big deal about it. Your child and ex will thank you.

Acknowledging the new “step” is difficult but worth it

Your ex is moving on. He or she may remarry, cohabitate or otherwise become involved with another person who will act as a stepparent to your child. It will be difficult. However, if you can extend your gracious interactions to this individual, you will find that co-parenting will proceed much more smoothly.

Of course, there may be times when you are unsure whether your ex is taking advantage of you. In these circumstances, it could be a good idea to discuss your situation with a lawyer.