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A collaborative divorce can lessen the blow for children

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Divorce

The decision to obtain a divorce is one that you most likely have not taken lightly. Parents often attempt to reconcile for the sake of the children. Despite the best of intentions, this can often make matters worse.

While divorce is always challenging, there are ways that you can make the process less adversarial. Utilizing collaborative law is one method of doing this. The collaborative process allows both parents to reach equitable agreements in a safe and confidential environment. The focus is on settling matters without conflict or heightened tensions, which can be to the benefit of your children.

A messy divorce can have lasting impacts  

While divorce is a life-changing event for everyone involved, challenges can still be overcome as a family. A high-conflict divorce could lead children to become isolated and caught in the middle. Collaborative law gives you the opportunity to settle contentious issues in an amicable way, which reassures children that their best interests are the top priority. By communicating effectively and settling contentious matters reasonably, you are also building a solid foundation for your co-parenting relationship. With a civil co-parenting relationship, there is no reason why your children cannot go on to thrive post-divorce.

Avoid a drawn-out process

Generally, the longer a divorce carries on, the more painful it can be. Children are not excluded from this, and it is generally more beneficial to settle matters efficiently. Divorces that involve high levels of conflict are typically left in the hands of the courts. While the court might make some exceptions, the timing of hearings is generally out of your control. This means that a litigated divorce could go on for several months, with both parents and the children having to endure emotional pain throughout. A collaborative divorce can be settled on your terms in a timely fashion, allowing you all to move forward as quickly as possible.

While you negotiate a divorce settlement, it is vital to protect your interests. Having a firm understanding of your legal rights in New York will help you achieve the most favorable outcome.