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3 reasons for a January divorce 

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Divorce

It’s fairly common for people to call January “divorce month.” The reasoning for this is simple: Divorce cases start more frequently in January than in other months. This is especially true when compared to the months immediately preceding it.

But just knowing that divorce is more common in January is only half of the picture. Why is it that this trend shows up every year? Here are three potential reasons.

1. Staying together for the holidays

For one thing, couples who split up right before the holidays often talk about how difficult that can be for them and for their children. As a result, a couple might begin talking about divorce in the fall, but they will put off actually filing for divorce until January so that they can get through the holiday season first.

2. Trying to save the marriage

In some cases, one person doesn’t want to get divorced and the other does. The former may suggest that they stay together for the holidays, hoping that a magical Christmas experience will help to bring them closer together. While there are certainly individual cases where this may prevent a divorce, it doesn’t work on the whole and, usually, the couple ends up getting divorced after the holidays are over.

3. Adjusting to the school schedule

Finally, parents have to think about all of their scheduling when determining child custody or simply when figuring out how to talk about the divorce without the children being around. Since the children are at home for Christmas break and go back to school in January, this is a very natural time when their schedule gives them the opportunity they need.

If you and your spouse do decide to get a divorce this year, make sure you carefully look into the legal steps you’ll need to take.