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3 tips for a successful collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2023 | Divorce

If you and your spouse can agree on major issues during your divorce, you may not need court intervention. With professional help, a collaborative divorce can give you fair solutions. This divorce process is almost similar to mediation – the difference is that it’s conducted by two attorneys who practice collaborative law.  

Collaborative divorce has proved beneficial for many divorcing couples, but it may also not result in the expected results. Here are three tips to make yours successful:

Have open communication 

Open communication is integral in collaborative divorce. Both parties and their teams should honestly communicate about all matters involving the divorce, eliminating the chances of misunderstandings. These include assets, income, debts and inheritances, among others. With accurate details, it may be easier to make equitable decisions.

Be fair

Since you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse chose a collaborative divorce, you need to be fair, and so should they. Trying to win in negotiations or making unfair requests may upset your spouse, who may choose to go to court. 

Although you should protect your rights, you can compromise on certain aspects so your spouse can get what they want. A lengthy discussion, stating your wishes, and listening to theirs may be vital. 

Don’t finish the process dissatisfied

Compromising doesn’t mean being significantly uncomfortable with the verdicts. Undoubtedly, not all decisions will make you happy as you want to be fair, but if you are not confident in one or more, let your team know before the process is finalized. 

Ask questions on subjects you don’t understand and take breaks if need be. This way, you can come up with fair yet satisfactory strategies. 

Collaborative divorces are a bit freer and more manageable than litigations. Nonetheless, you should make the right calls to have a successful process.