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2 ways collaborative divorce benefits kids

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Divorce

When a marriage is strained beyond repair, the couple in question would traditionally head to court to settle various aspects of the divorce. However, litigation does not have to be your first choice, especially if you and your spouse are seeing eye-to-eye on most issues.

Collaborative divorce is a solution-focused process that allows a divorcing couple to reach a settlement on the terms of their divorce out of the courtroom. This type of divorce settlement presumes that the couple can work together to resolve various aspects of the divorce. And if you get it right, collaborative divorce can benefit pretty much everyone, including the children.

The basics of collaborative divorce

In a collaborative divorce, each party comes with its own legal representatives, and they all work together to negotiate settlements on issues like property division, child custody as well as child and spousal support, among other issues. Once an agreement is reached on each of these issues, a final divorce agreement is drafted and presented to the family court for approval.

So how do kids benefit from collaborative divorce?

Besides the privacy, financial and emotional benefits to the parents, collaborative divorce also benefits kids in the following ways:

Reducing emotional trauma

Court battles can emotionally drain parents and kids alike. A highly-publicized divorce can particularly leave the kids psychologically affected. Collaborative divorce, however, is a private affair, one that ensures that everyone walks out of the marriage a winner.

Providing stability and assurance

Divorce signals a range of changes, and one of these involves changes to the children’s living arrangements going forward. Collaborative divorce gives both parents an opportunity to come up with a united front that guarantees stability to the children both during and after the divorce.

Getting the most out of collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce saves time, money and the couple from the emotional anguish that characterizes most litigated divorces. Learning how to prepare for collaborative divorce can help you and your spouse work out a settlement that works in the best interests of your children.