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How to support your kids during your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Child Custody

Divorce affects children in different ways. Your kids may be anxious to start a new life, living in two homes and possibly transferring schools. Besides, they may believe they did something to cause the divorce. These effects can last longer if a child doesn’t receive the help they need sooner.

Here is how to support your kids during your divorce:

Allow them to express themselves

Your kids should know their reactions during the divorce are normal. Allow them to express their feelings, be it anger, confusion or sadness. Trying to cheer them up quickly can put pressure on them.

Consider talking to them and respecting their emotions. With time and help, they will feel better.

Have a structured routine

A divorce is a major change for kids. Thus, it won’t help to introduce other/more changes at once. If possible, you should have a consistent routine in both homes, including bedtimes, discipline and weekend activities.

Spend more time with them

Children react differently during a divorce. While some may want more attention, others may withdraw. In both instances, parents should find ways to spend more time with them. But ensure you understand your child’s reactions in-depth. For example, withdrawing may be a sign of depression, which means your child may need additional support, such as going to therapy.

Inform their school about the divorce

It’s beneficial to inform your child’s school about the divorce, especially if they are having difficulty concentrating. Their school will know how to help them when they understand their circumstance.

Children who have experienced divorce may have a difficult time bouncing back. But support from their parents can go a long way. You should also get legal help to protect their interests.