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Co-parenting when the kids are sick

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Child Custody

One of the most stressful situations for any parent is when their child falls ill. The dynamics can become even more intricate for co-parents, necessitating a cooperative and compassionate approach. The child’s well-being remains the focal point during this time, so parents must do what it takes to get the child the care they need.

Sick days, doctor’s visits and the accompanying care often require adjustments to the routine. For co-parents, these changes can mean revisiting the custody schedule, coordinating care duties and ensuring that the child receives consistent attention and love.

Coordinating care for the unwell child

Immediate and clear communication is the first step when co-parenting a sick child. The parent who notices the symptoms or receives a medical diagnosis should promptly inform the other. Sharing details about the child’s condition, medication and any doctor’s recommendations ensures both parents are well-informed and can care for the child effectively.

Adjusting the parenting schedule

Flexibility becomes crucial during these times. Depending on the severity of the illness, the child might be better off staying in one home until they recover, avoiding the stress of moving between houses. Co-parents should discuss and decide what’s best for the child, even if it means temporarily deviating from the set custody schedule.

Unified front for the child

Children often feel vulnerable when they’re sick. Co-parents need to present a unified front, offering comfort and assurance. This helps the child feel secure and minimizes any potential stress that could arise from parental disagreements during a sensitive time.

The parenting plan should include at least basic information about the child’s healthcare. This includes information about which parent has the primary decision-making duties for medical care, as well as contingency plans for what happens if the child becomes ill. Knowing this in advance may make it easier to decide what to do when sickness occurs.